Presentation design is among the most core of our competencies. From day-to-day slide beautification to complex decks that are more like documentary short films, we bring world-class capabilities to the table.

Day-to-Day Deck Design.

Many of our client engagements involve ongoing day-to-day presentation design work. This includes simple, quick-turn slide beautification, but also involves reorganizing data and content for more intuitive visual hierarchies. Pretty slides are table stakes.

Templates & Training.

From simple branded templates to highly-customized complex presentations of over 200 slides, Stories Bureau has the presentation experience to handle you organization’s needs. Moreover, we have developed a training platform named Center of Gravity, with modules focusing on storytelling, presentation design, and data visualization. We also offer a customized Center of Gravity training program to help you build and utilize your own presentation kit.

Complex Multimedia.

Our capabilities scale from day-to-day needs to the most high-stakes presentations for your organization. Whether customer events, developer conferences, sales events or otherwise, we bring years of experience with multimedia presentations. At the highest levels, our presentations most closely resemble documentary films that tell complex business stories.