We're elite storytellers and creatives with a narrow focus.

We’re a creative agency focused on B2B and internal creative for Fortune 500 companies (and beyond). Our core competency lies in telling stories through a variety of media, from podcasts to presentations to video, and far beyond. You can think of us as a very high-end creative agency, but rather than Super Bowl commercials we are focused on designing presentations and creating content for B2B marketing and internal comms.

We are confident that we can help you, whoever you are.

That said, who you are will determine how we can help.

C-Suite Executives

We will help sell your vision to a variety of constituencies, from investors to employees to customers (and beyond). We specialize in multimedia storytelling, with a particular strength in creating presentations, videos and branding for key meetings/events. For instance, top-to-top customer meetings, annual events, board meetings, and more. Moreover, we can also enhance your team’s internal comms, to build momentum around key projects and initiatives. And lastly, assuming you run a B2B business, we can support with full-service creative for a variety of marketing, sales and comms needs.

Insights Leaders

As an insights leader, its your job to give a voice to your customer, while identifying key insights that will move the needle for your organization — over and over again. What Stories Bureau does is activate that work product with all your key constituencies. We make your data more accessible, more engaging, and more memorable. We’ve supported a variety of insights, innovation, analytics and foresights groups at Fortune 500 companies. We provide support with presentations, reports, videos, events and other needs, but we also provide support on a strategic level with program strategy and socialization planning for your work on an ongoing basis. Simply put, you generate the insights, and we’ll help you sell them.

Sales Leaders

As a sales leader, you understand the importance of impactful content that clearly communicates your value proposition. At Stories Bureau, we specialize in elevating any creative asset that your sales organization might need (enablement/training materials, decks, videos, etc). We make your sales materials more compelling through storytelling and elite visual design. Simply put, our work will inspire your salesforce and help drive your pipeline growth.

Marketing Leaders

As a marketing leader, you recognize the power of captivating brand communications and innovative content creative that delivers results. At Stories Bureau, we excel in visual storytelling and elite creative that will elevate your brand and drive meaningful results. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of deliverables, including branded podcasts, high-end video & animation, product materials, branding, event/experiential design and more. We also support all your internal comms needs with compelling decks, presentations, and videos that inspire and inform. We blend strategy and creativity to deliver multimedia content that will be both arresting and lasting for your audience.

None of the Above

If you’re an executive or senior manager other than the categories above, we can (probably) still help you. We deliver creative work across media that will elevate your story. We offer a wide array of deliverables, including high-end video & animation, presentations, branding, event/experiential design, other content, and more. We also support all your internal comms needs, ensuring your work will resonate within your organization, and with other key stakeholders.